New Orleans

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I had a fabulous time at Heather Graham's Writers for New Orleans Conference this past weekend. Over time I'll share the fun pictures, but for now I'm showing the reason why we were there: the city's resurrection. I took the Katrina tour and the following photos are only representative of the total destruction that still exists. As you'll see, the French Quarters is fully functional and a roaring good time. However, NO needs your tourism and convention dollars; NO needs your donations to charitable organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. Please remember NO and its residents in your thoughts and prayers. They have a long road to recovery. Carol

Yes, hole in the roof was made by the family escaping from the flood waters.

Line across the house marks the flood level.

Businesses wiped out.

People living in trailers as they try to rebuild their homes.

Or live in their damaged homes as they begin anew.


Aleka Nakis said...

Your pictures say so much. Despite the tourist areas of New Orleans starting to rise again, we can't forget the issues behind the scenes.
So much support and help is still needed. Each American should contribute in any manner they can.
Thanks for posting the pictures and shaking our memories.