Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mel, I'm glad the character's reaction to theme sounded interesting to you. Years ago I attended a workshop by author Vicki Hinze. As I remember the seminar, she talked about the difference between universal theme and the theme of your book.

Universal theme is your core theme...the one that resonates deep within you, such as redemption, healing, etc. If you are writing a book against your universal theme, you may experience internal resistance. For me, my universal theme is redemption. Every book I've written has at least one character seeking redemption. When I got the opportunity to write for Madonna Key, the other authors had outlined my book to be about revenge. It didn't work for me. I floundered about until I changed the plot to have layers of redemption then the writing just flowed.

So while the current proposal will center on the character's worldview on justice, I will layer in redemption. :) Carol


Toni Lea Andrews said...

Excellent! Now I have to really get thinking about the universal theme of my WIP...