Charaters' Attitude Toward Theme

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A few weeks ago, I watched an hour long interview with JK Rowling. She she said one of the things that defined each of her characters was their attitude toward death. So for my current proposal in progress, I asked my characters their attitude toward justice as the central theme is the clash of legal system vs. vigilantism vs. lawlessness:

Prosecutor heroinel: society's glue
Hero: justice system has failed, searching for answers
Hero's mentor: take justice into own hands
Sociopath: I am above the law
Drug lord: survival of the fittest

It helped crystalize the characterizations for me and will also help in braidng together the main plot with the subplots. :) Carol


Melissa Blue said...

Nice way to look at characterization. Maybe I'll try that. First I have to figure out my theme.