Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm a HGTV junkie. Often when the regular stations have programs that leave me yawning, I switch to the home improvement shows. I've learned a lot over the years that hopefully I've used in my own home.

So I've been watching the DesignStar show as a guilty pleasure. The contestants often shoot themselves in their own shoes. However, one obnoxious guy...from Florida no less...has so far escaped the elimination rounds. I don't know the invidiual's name...I'm trying hard not to remember it...but if he wins, no way will I watch any show featuring him. Tonight he hid materials he thought the other contestants would want and bragged about it. He's also one of those whiners where it's always someone else's fault, never his.

Like SYTYCD, I'm hoping a woman will win this year since a guy did last year, but there's only two remaining so odds aren't good.

My favorite part of the show is when the judges speak as to design elements and vision. Hearing concepts articulated helps me. :) Carol