Dogfighting, a sport?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Okay, I can't believe it. People, including a certain athlete, are jumping to the defense of Michael Vick, saying dogfighting in some cultures/countries is a sport?!? And somehow the logic is that makes what he did okay?

First, this is America and dogfighting is a crime, not a sport; that is our culture. Moreover, Vick painted black the building where the fights occurred to camoflage it... Hello, he knew what he was doing was against the law. And let's not mix apples and oranges by dragging in the argument that other athletes do this and that, including offenses against humans. Yes, if an athlete does drugs, hits his wife and/or kids, etc., that is all wrong. The book should be thrown at them and their hideous butts tossed in jail.

I suspect the main caution the public may take in other situations is when there is a 'he said/she said' scenario. Remember the lacrosse team? Public outcry was fairly substantial with news coverage all over the players until the truth came out. Here the pitiful animals couldn't talk; their condition had to speak for them.

And yes, I'm painfully aware of the fine line between food supply and what can happen to animals. Still, Vick purposely tortured the dogs. Electrocuting or hanging a dog that couldn't live up to his standards is inhumane in its worse form. He enjoyed inflicting pain and watching something in pain. The experts have written about serial killers/psychopaths beginning their long dark paths of harming another human being by torturing/killing animals. The conduct cannot be condoned or tossed aside lightly.

Sport? Give me a break. I think I'll have to make another donation to the Humane Society. Carol