Maddie's Bad Day

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Maddie here. My, I mean Carol...was mean to me today. Can you believe it? She dropped me off at the vet and left me there ALL day. First, the meanie vet stuck me with a needle for my annual vaccination and then he stuck me again for a thyroid test. Carol's been worried because any chemical drives me crazy. I said I just had hypersensitive skin, but nooooo. The vet had to tell Carol that because of my diet, I have fragile skin. So he gave her special shampoo to use weekly [a bath every week!?!], icky vitamin supplements, and then Prednisone to help calm down my latest skin flare-up.

And to top off my bad day, I embarrassed myself by wiggling, wagging my tail and slurping Carol's face when she came to pick me up. I planned to be mad and ignore her, but dang, when the vet brought me out, I was so relieved to see her that I forgot to be mad. She even cooked me chicken tonight.

However, where there's a mad, there's a way. I've been trying to torment Little Darling all night, but Carol keeps breaking it up. I guess I'll have to forgive her for even that as I really need to cuddle close with her tonight. What's a poor doggie to do? Maybe I can conjole more chicken out her by playing the old guilt trip. Later, Maddie