Doesn't it Figure/French Quarter photos

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

In the 'Doesn't it figure' column: my friends are always after me to eat more vegetables. I have always disliked to hated them; my poor Mom could only get corn and tomatos down me [and please, no debates on what is/isn't a vegatable. Let me live in ignorance.] Later in life I've added mushrooms. Otherwise, bleh~~~~.

But over the Labor Day weekend in NO, I thought I would tackle some eating habits and bought a bag of lettuce upon my return. This week I've been having a salad with every meal. Well...the bag I bought was the same blend that Dole recalled. Fortunately, my bag didn't have the batch number, but since it was off by only one day and e-coli was found in a random sample, I pitched the bag anyway. I shall remain content with my non-vegetable lifestyle.

Now on to the photos of the French Quarter. I meant to start last night, but the day job got in the way. I love the FQ and I hope you enjoy the photos. :) Carol

Most photographed building.

Hard to see but that's a real cat sitting on the balcony behind the metal one.