Heather Graham's Conference: The Welcome Party

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Heather Graham's Writers' Conference for New Orleans began with a bang on Friday, August 31 at the gorgeous Hotel Monteleone. [Hotel Monteleone http://www.hotelmonteleone.com/]

Authors Erin McCarthy and Kathy Love graciously sponsored the Welcome Party. [Erin McCarthy http://www.erinmccarthy.net/ Read Kathy Love - Romance Author http://www.readkathylove.com/]

Great food and a live performance by the band The Impalers were the highlights. [The Impalers - Vampire Band http://www.vampireband.com/]

As the following photos show, members of the Florida Romance Writers know how to party!

Author Mary Stella

Our wonderful prez, author Traci Hall

Authors Traci Hall, Aleka Nakis and Kathy Pickering [http://www.kathleenpickering.com]

Authors Traci Hall, Aleka Nakis [http://www.alekanakis.com], and Kathy Pickering

And me being serenaded by the Impalers' lead singer. :) Carol


Toni Lea Andrews said...

Looks like a wonderful time! Hey, is your serenader the guy with the white eyelashes around one eye? He was VERY popular with some of the attendees last year...

Carol Stephenson said...

Toni, it was soooo dark where I was sitting that I have no idea if the dude was wearing white mascara. All I know is he had all the ladies smiling. :) Carol

Aleka Nakis said...

No white mascara, Carol. But to answer Toni, yes- it's him.