Slush Pile Players

Thursday, September 13, 2007

An extravaganza dinner and production awaited the conference attendees on Saturday night. The conference folks spearheaded by Heather Graham and Connie Perry went all out. I loved the centerpieces and the overall decor. Many of those in the play suffered panic attacks that they would forget their lines, but once the curtains went up, the Slush Pile players pulled off a great musical. I'm proud to say that the Florida Romance Writers rose to the occasion and wore costumes of every description. Next up, the Sunday night carriage ride. :) Carol

The stage

The centerpiece on my table

L to R: my friend Geri and myself

Standing, authors Kathy Pickering and Mary Stella

Authors Lyn Armstrong and Aleka Nakis

Florida Romance Writers

Me and Heather Graham