Why I'm eating PB&J sandwiches for the rest of my life

Monday, September 10, 2007

After the Welcome Party, my friend Geri and I wandered along Royal Street. First we stopped in the Praline [pronounced praw-leen] Company's store. Naturally, we had to sample several brands of pralines. On Monday we would return to this store to load up on goodies to send home.
New Orleans Famous Pralines

Fortified, we continued along and came across a Dixieland band performing on...the steps of the Louisiana Supreme Court. What a perfect moment for our first night in NO! Here's a link to a site explaining the history of Dixieland Jazz: HyperMusic -- History of Jazz: Dixieland http://www.hypermusic.ca/jazz/dixie.html

After such energizing music, we wandered into a number of stores. In the Gallery of Lights, a painting captured my soul. I couldn't leave it; the painting by artist Roberta Wesley resonated deep inside me. So I did something I never expected to do: bought the painting. The Gallery of Lights features luminous artwork. The artists paint in such a manner that the work changes with the light. Marvelous, simply marvelous. Consequently, the first thing I did when I arrived home was to go out and buy a fresh loaf of bread. I've been having PB&J sandwiches every day and will continue to do so for many months, but that painting is so worth cutting corners wherever I can. To be able to sit and find calm at the end of each day...
Gallery of Light

Next my friend and I cut down a street and found the famous Pat O'Brien's tavern. Of course, we had to go in and have a Hurricane. As a Floridian, I appreciate having the upper hand over a Hurricane. Please note that I only had one.

Tomorrow night I'll take up at the party at the Cat's Meow.

:) Carol

The crowd formed a line and followed the band performer around in a circle.