America's Got Talent

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I have to admit that I'm in overload with reality shows. However, because I often do day job work at night, I'll tune into reality shows for 'white' noise. The shows don't require 100% of my attention.

Tonight I had on America's Got Talent. While the judges made me yawn, I was blown away by the ventriloquist. I grew up watching Sherry Lewis and Lambchops, and this new ventriloquist was fabulous. The puppet sang better than the other singing performers. I even felt compelled to go to the network's website and plug in a few votes for him.

Even if the ventriloquist doesn't ultimately win, I hope big things for him as I would love to see future performances. :) Carol


Mary Stella said...

My two favorite acts on AGT are the ventriloquist and the Glamazons! If it comes down to those acts in the finals, I'll be hard pressed not to vote for both!

Carol Stephenson said...

Hey Mary,

I thought the Glamazons were great as well and if came down to them and the ventriloquist...tough call indeed. :) Carol