More ranting: Another form of cowardice

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Since I seem to still be in rant mode...I came home to hear another form of cowardice: the hit-and-run political spew message on my answering machine. I've been getting messages for weeks from this non-party but political group. They spray sensationalism and then at the tail end there's this low mutter that sounds like ''. Yet when I went to the website, I found this very worthy organization dedicated to the preservation of American music. So I'm being ambushed by a group that is too cowardly to leave a legitimate name or phone number for me to contact them, tell them that they're full of crap and to stuff it and to leave me alone... That if they continue to disturb the sanctity of my home, I will start contributing to a candidate I've wouldn't have considered giving money to just because this group is comprised of cowards and sensationalists. I know better to expect that the 'do not disturb' law can be extended to politics , but I think the law should require these a**holes to provide contact information and if asked to, are required to take your phone number off their calling list. I'd even go with an exception for candidates and the political parties so long as a contact number is included in the message so you can call and complain. But for the non-party political organizations, eat sh*t and die for invading my privacy. And for the organization mascarading under the name of the poor legitimate, exemplary organization 'American Voices', shame on you. Cowards. You are the worse kind of distortion of free speech: too afraid to hear back from someone who disagrees with you. Carol