Beauty Day

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Maddie here. Saturday was my beauty day. Carol took me in and the groomer brushed my teeth, trimmed my nails, gave me an oatmeal bath [I have itchy skin] and then finished off the day with a haircut. However, the groomer had to add one last detail...she put orange Halloween bows in my hair. You would have thought I looked like a million dollars the way Carol made mushy noises when she first saw me. After we shared an Arby's roast beef sandwich as our Saturday treat, she just had to take me out in the front yard and take a million pictures of me. I'm not sure her getting a digital SLR camera was such a good thing. Now she can take all the pictures she wants because she knows she can go through and delete those she doesn't like. Still, all in all, I'm looking good and I smell nice and clean. Carol's taken to giving me extra snuggling. It's a tough job, but if someone gets her hugs, it's going to be me. Later, Maddie padding off in search of Carol


Toni Lea Andrews said...

Eddie here (Toni's cat). Having seen your picture, I have fallen in love at first site. How do you feel about cross-species relationships?


P.S. Anything Toni tells you about having had me neutered is an outright lie.

Carol Stephenson said...


Cross-species is fine so long as you're into being barked at. And aren't humans kill-joys in having us canines fixed?

Woof! Maddie