Anniversary: Hurricane Wilma

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Today marks the one year anniversary of Hurricane Wilma. Thank God for El Nino as it's blown apart all the tropical depressions that formed this year. While hurricane season officially ends 11/30, with the cold waves sweeping down over the south now, it appears highly unlikely that a hurricane will form [knocking on wood as I type ]. My section of Florida really needed a break. We had 3 hurricanes in 13 months, and there were still homes with blue tarps when Wilma hit. In my neighborhood all the blue tarps are gone and the rapping sound of hammers has dissipated. When I'm on the road for my job, I'm also seeing fewer and fewer tarps. People are still living in temporary housing, but with the next season not until 6/07, maybe we can all get back on our feet. Here's to another 30 days of peace and quiet. :) Carol