The End of Pool Season

Monday, October 23, 2006

My neck of Florida is getting its first cold wave of the season. Temperatures are supposed to drop by 20 degrees. Yet when I got home from work tonight, the breeze was just getting a nip to it. After I took Maddie for a walk, I made a dash for the pool. The water was brisk as opposed to pleasant, but I swam my normal laps. Although I have solar heating, under the best of conditions, it can only heat the water about 10 degrees, and the solar system hasn't been the same since Hurricane Wilma. So with the cold wave, I figured I've had my last evening swim for the season. With the solar, my 'pool' season runs from April through end of October for sure, but anything beyond that is always questionable. Since I love swimming at night as it relaxes me, I'll miss my laps. However, the upside is tonight I got to open the windows to let in the fresh air for the first time since May. It feels so good! :) Carol