The Great George Strait

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

I wasn't always a fan, but in the 1990's when I discovered the joy of country music, I discovered George Strait. This week The Man celebrated his 53rd no. 1 hit. Two and a half decades earlier, he scored his first number one was in 1982. In fact, he has scored more Number One songs than any other single artist in history and has sold over 62 million records in the meantime amassing 28 platinum or multi-platinum discs –more than any other country artist. I can't think of any other singer who has accomplished this. Some may still be recording and occasionally climbing the charts, I don't think anyone has done it by staying true to his initial 'genre' of music. From start to finish, he has stayed true to Western swing. Phenomenal. That's about 3 generations of listeners with whom he has struck a chord. Remarkable record, remarkable singer. You go, George!!!! I'll be listening. :) Carol


Mary Stella said...

From last Friday to this past Tuesday, Sirius channel 61 played nothing but George Strait songs. I had a great time listening!