The Oscars

Monday, February 25, 2008

I heard tonight that the Oscars were a ratings of the lowest rated awards show ever. I've been watching the program since I was in college, missing it only when I was attending the University of Leeds, England. My all time favorite hosts are Bob Hope and Billy Crystal; I would watch the program just to listen to their jokes.

I have to admit, though, most years I've never seen the movies up for Best. My entertainment tastes are far removed from Hollywood's. I don't do dramas at all; every day life is drama enough for me, thank you very much. I'm a creature of action/adventure/thrillers or romantic comedies or fantasies. I demand happy endings and Hollywood loves bad endings.

But I'm wondering if others are becoming disenchanted. None of my friends, including those who do prefer dramas, saw any of the finalists other than Atonement. Most entries were too violent for them.

As for the program itself, the set was gorgeous and the opening was clever. However, the program ran wa-a-a-y long and overall not very entertaining. And the stars of today overall don't have the glamor or mystique of the stars of old.

At least no one can blame the bust on the writers. :) Carol