Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I have remote-tendonitis. I've been switching between AI and the Westminster Dog show all night long. I'm soooo happy that AI eliminated the group performances this year. I did not enjoy watching all the bickering. The playing instruments feature appears to have been a bust. A few could play and sing well at the same time, but it probably won't be a repeat for next year.

Because I was switching back and forth, I didn't get to focus on all the names, but these were the ones that I'm focused on:

16-yr-old Brian; Syesha; Michael Jones; Carly; Asia'h; Drew; and Josiah. There is also a woman with long, blonde wavy hair who I really enjoyed but didn't catch her name.

Our local contestant made it to the final round but didn't make the cut to the final 50. But she did great! Did us proud. :) Carol