Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Yes, the temperatures here in Florida are in a freefall. For the past week we've been in almost record highs of the mid-80's, including yesterday. By tomorrow morning we may in be only in the high-30's...a fifty degree drop.

And brrrr as to the women's performances on AI tonight. Certainly nothing as riveting as David A's last night. I do adore Brooke and her personality and thought she did great tonight. I was relieved that Kristy made a strong comeback; Simon was dead on about her defining herself with country. Every idol finalist who has gone on to country radio market overall has done well, much better than those in the other genres. However, there was no breakout, defining performance tonight. Carly needs to up her game. I still think she's the female front-runner, but now is the time to start shining.

It will be interesting to see who goes tomorrow night, but I'm going to be drinking hot chocolate, wrapped in a sweater while I watch. :) Carol