AI-The Guys, David Archuleta's the one!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eww. My memory of the 70's clearly didn't square with the guys' selections tonight. In fact, I had my car radio tuned to the 70's XM radio station over the weekend and rocked out.

No such luck tonight. Even Michael was a bit of a let down. A number of the guys definitely opened up a weak spot for the ladies to take advantage of if they seize the moment tomorrow night. Chikeze [thank goodness he went with his teacher's pronounciation of his name!] did break out this week. If nothing else, I love how he takes on Simon.

Still, my number one for the whole competition is now zeroed in on David Archuleta. He was indeed brilliant tonight. He has consistently has the whole package: voice, performance skills, the ability to put his own stamp on a song and winning personality. If I was a teenager, I know my heart would be going pitty pat over him. And he's humble and grateful to boot!!!!

But brother. Now that I'm getting to know the performers, what is with all these 'Davids' and 'Jasons' this year? It would have been nice to have a little name variety to make the water cooler discussions easier. :) Carol