Congrats to the NY Giants!!!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

While everybody was talking about the Patriots' being undefeated [which in all honest, being a Dolphin fan, I did not want to see happen], I had my eye on a different record: that of two brothers quarterbacking teams to a Super Bowl win...back to back. While we may see another undefeated team, I doubt if we'll ever see such an accomplishment by a brother act again. In college, I watched Archie Manning beat my Vanderbilt commodores, and now I have watched his sons carry on the torch.

Two thumbs up to the Manning brothers! :) Carol


Toni Lea Andrews said...

I'm even worse than a Pats fan--I've been rooting faithfully (and mostly fruitlessly) for the Jets since the Joe Namath days.

But I had fogotten the fervor of the Pats fans (sorry, you Dol-fan you, but you have NO idea how sports crazy they are up here)during a good season.

It's gonna be a saaaad day around here today.

Carol Stephenson said...

Then, Toni, I reckon that people up there didn't watch the NYC parade today. :) Carol