On Droughts

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Today begins Phase III water restrictions for South Florida...an unprecedented event. We did not get enough rain during the rainy season. Lake Okeechobee is still far below normal levels. Phase III means lawns can only be watered once a week so if you visit our area, you're not going to see green lush tropical lawns/gardens that Florida is renown for. Instead, you'll see a sea of patchy brown grass.

Since there was a point where some towns were going to have to ration water for human use last year, I'd rather that the government impose the tight restrictions now. However, the gardening stores are going to suffer. I know I'm not going to do any replacement planting. Everything in my yard is going to be on the stark side although I will check out the low water usage plants that many nurseries are starting to stock.

I spent Saturday afternoon, with help from my neighbor, checking out sprinklers, capping those outlets I didn't really need and repairing others. If I can only run the system once a week, I want optimal coverage. :) Carol