Hurricane Project

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

One of my hurricane preparation projects is to preserve the family photographs. I'm the keeper, but if I ever have to evacuate, it would be hard to transport them. By the time I load the cats, the bird, Maddie, their food and myself, there's not going to be a lot of room in the car. I have been working on consolidating the photos into slender acrylic albums rather than those bulky ones, but there's still a lot. So now I'm in the process of scanning them, which is tedious. I'm scanning a night here and a night there when I'm too exhausted to write. Once I have them all scanned then I'll burn them onto CD's and send a set to my sister for safekeeping. I'll also make a set for myself. As to the albums, I'm going to put them in those gigantic ziplock bags. Here's a shot of my Dad in his WWII uniform. He wrote 'love and kisses' to Mom on the photo. Yes, I need to preserve these photos. :) Carol Stephenson