Hurricane Season countdown

Monday, May 29, 2006

Many of us in Florida have been using the sales tax-free period on hurricane supplies to begin preliminary preparation. On Saturday I uncovered my generator, only to discover it had flat tires. After inflating the tires, I checked the oil and then put the generator through a test run. It ran like a very noisy dream. I've already have my water and batteries and began working on the food supplies. I almost have my cat food tub filled; I work on their supplies first as they won't touch human food like Maddie. However, I also have Maddie's food tub started as well as my own. I bought shelf-stabled milk. For the next few weeks I plan to buy a few hurricane groceries each time I shop. That way should the hurricane cone descend upon my neck of Florida once more, all I'll have to do is to fight the crowds for the perishable items. Hopefully, the Atlantic Ocean will remain as serene and beautiful as this shot I took from my hotel room of the Daytona Beach pier. :) Carol Stephenson