Forget Those RT Cover Models

Thursday, May 25, 2006

One of the interesting sidelights at RT are the cover models. While there's a lot of hubbub and events featuring these models, I found an even more memorable sight while walking along the beach in Daytona. Early Friday morning I happened to be walking at the same time that the lifeguards did a work-out. :) Carol Stephenson


Karmela said...

Carol, where was I when this happened and why didn't I get a frantic phone call from you telling me to get my ass down on the beach pronto????

You're right -- this is BETTER than the cover models. Nothing sexier than guys doing athletic things. Hehe...

Carol Stephenson said...

Karm, I do believe you were having breakfast with Von and probably were too bleary-eyed from reading LOST CALLING to be able to focus on something like...hunks.

hehehe :) Carol