For Pet Lovers

Friday, September 2, 2005

This is Maddie, my precious Shih Tsu who entered my life three months ago. She was abandoned at a fire station, and someone who knew I was interested in owning my first dog, called me. Now I can't imagine life without Maddie. She's loyal, loving and constant entertainment.

In the hurricane disaster area there are many Maddie's stranded or abandoned. Those pets also need help. Here's the one link to the Humane Society that's launching an effort to rescue and take in the animals in the disaster area. If there are other agencies, I encourage people to make donations to them.

Every night I see the bewildered animals on roofs, in the water, etc., I hug Maddie and promise her that I will keep her safe.

Carol Stephenson


Mary Stella said...

She's adorable, Carol!

I'm one of those people who would never leave my dog behind if I had to flee my home. I'd get out of town with him and sleep in the car if need be. Luckily, the only time that I had to evacuate last year, one of the exec-assistants at work found several of us a big motel that didn't mind multiple animals in each room.