The Madonna Key

Saturday, September 17, 2005

A secret lost to time.
A prophecy shrouded in mystery.
An enemy who will not be enslaved again.
A countdown to apocalypse.
Seven special women.
And an adventure to end--and begin--all adventures.
Once upon a time there existed a class of priestesses who, both because of their most famous high priestess and because of the likeness between their goddess and the Virgin Mary, eventually came to be called Marians. Thought they had great power during ancient times, the Marians went underground during the Dark Ages, were forcibly disbanded during the Middle Ages, and eventually --over the last few hundred years--were all but forgotten.
By everyone except their enemies.
The Madonna Key spins seven stories about eight strong women who learn about this powerful group of priestesses just in time to take up their defense and, perhaps, their calling.
I'm writing book #4, SHADOW LINES, and will be sharing tidbits about the process of writing a continuity and the areas of Europe my heroine Eve St. Giles will be visiting in her race to stop the shadow rulers.
Carol Stephenson


Bronwyn Jameson said...

Carol, I love the sound of this series and am looking forward to hearing more about it!

Mary Stella said...

Carol, this sounds so intriguing. Can you tell me when the first book will be released so that I don't miss reading the series from the beginning?

Carol Stephenson said...


As of now the first book is scheduled will be Evelyn Vaughn's in 7/06. Second is Cindy Dees; 3rd Lorna Tedder; 4th is mine 10/06; 5th Sharron McClellan; 6th Jenna Miller; and 7th Evelyn Vaughn.