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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Being a Silhouette Bombshell author.

While growing up, I cut my teeth on action/adventure movies. I love them. I've worn out video tapes watching the same movie over and over again. Yet there was always one thing lacking in them: the romance.

So how perfect was it for me when Silhouette announced the luanch of its new action/adventure line for women? Shades of Lara Croft. Even sweeter was when I sold to them COURTING DANGER and became their legal thriller author. I love the series title: Leagal Weapons.

However, a wonderful opportunity to write a Dan Brown-type historical thriller opened up in a 7-book Bombshell continuity, THE MADONNA KEY, so in the upcoming weeks I'll be talking about the talnted corps of authors I'm working with as well as what it's like to work on a continuity and write a complex thriller for Bombshell.

Imagine Western Europe as your writing playground.

Carol Stephenson


Bronwyn Jameson said...

Looking forward to hearing all about The Madonna Key, Carol.