One Lesson Learned: Evacuation Plan

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I'm the keeper of the family heritage so to speak. Before their deaths, my parents lived with me and I have many of their things incorporated with mine in the house. Last night I asked my sister this question:

If I had to evacuate in a hurry and upon my return I found the entire house gone, what items/memorabilia of the parents would she have wished I'd taken with me?

Then tonight I began making my evacuation list: what do I need to take with me in case of evacuation? I also started a project to gather together and consolidate the family photos. Right now they're scattered across a multitude of bulky photo albums. I bought those acrylic albums that are condensed in size but hold a number of photos. It will take me awhile, but eventually I will have a bag with all necessary documents and then a tub containing those photos, negatives and family momentos that I can grab in a hurry.

After watching Katrina unfold, I plan to assume the worse and have a plan.

Carol Stephenson