A Small Miracle Amid Katrina's Damage

Monday, August 29, 2005

A friend sent me this wire blurb today:

On Jackson Square, two massive oak trees outside the 278-year-old St. Louis Cathedral came out by the roots, ripping out a 30-foot section of ornamental iron fence and straddling a marble statue of Jesus Christ, snapping off only the thumb and forefinger of his outstretched hand.

As I had spent last night scanning photos from my visit so that my webmeister can add them to my photo gallery, I recalled that I had a photo of the statue. A photo of the church framed by one of those massive oaks is part of the gallery tribute to the Crescent City.

Carol Stephenson


Karmela said...

Hi Carol, it's MP from eHarlequin! Welcome to the blogging world. Just stopped by to visit. I too love New Orleans and prayed real hard that it would survive Katrina intact. Thank you for uploading that miracle photo -- I needed it, esp. today. It's a great sign. :-)

Lisa Childs said...

Carol, thanks for sharing the picture. I'm sending prayers for all those devastated by Katrina. And I'm praying that this hurricane season ends quickly with no more damaging storms!

Stay safe!

Carol Stephenson said...

MP, I'm glad the photo helped. Today was rough, watching the levee breaks and all the flooding.

It's horrible.