Reclaiming the writing room

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Now that I'm done to the finishing details on the family room [assembling an audio unit, hanging photos, etc], I've tackled reclaiming the writing room. When Maddie came into my life, the cat Stripes hid out in the writing room. Eventually, I gave up trying to go in there because Maddie would raise such a fuss to be allowed in as well.

We had a major break-through in dog-cat relationships a few months ago when Stripes decided to emerge and resume living in the house. I spent Sunday straightening the closet and last night I cleared off the desk... by dumping everything on the floor... but my old desktop computer is all hooked up again. Now I just have to go through the mess on the floor and I'll be heading to San Fran with a clean slate of a room.

I even found a folder about the single title idea I had a while back. I have several possibilities for the next project and maybe a few more will pop up in San Fran.

:) Carol