Dolphins just made it easier...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

For me to become a Redskins fan. With the trade of Jason Taylor, there's neither a single player nor coach left that I care about or quite frankly, know their name. If the Dolphins had kept and played Jason, I would have watched the games and gradually gotten to know the players. Not now.

Despite the fact I have always loathe the Cowboys and could care less about their over-hyped quarterback, I'll watch a game here and there because I adore Zach Thomas. Since I have in the past cheered on the Redskins, I can more easily switch my footbally affections to them.

Thumb's down to the Dolphins, and I hope Jason has a stellar sacking year. :) Carol


Mary Stella said...

Of allll the teams in the NFL, why did they have to trade him to the Redskins?? If they couldn't make a deal with my beloved Philly Eagles, couldn't they have traded him to a team that isn't in the National Conference Eastern Division???

Carol Stephenson said...

Ahem, Mary. You're presuming that there is an ounce of intelligence in the Dolphins' management.

I only know I'm going to enjoy watching Zach and Jason play their former team. :) Carol