Writing Room's Open for Business...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Once I return from the RWA conference. I finished up tonight and it's beautiful...for now. I took Maddie to the vet today as her chin's not healing like it should. The vet gave me a spray since an ointment may be too greasy. This is going to be fun to apply. But while I was there, a woman had brought in her Shih Tsu and her 5-day old puppies. Since Maddie came to me as an adult, I'd never seen a Shih Tsu pup...they were so tiny!

A co-worker clued me into this new reality show Greatest American Dog so Maddie and I are spending a quiet moment watching it. When a Shih Tsu was late in obeying a 'sit' command, the woman explained she was a lady. Ha! She didn't obey because she was a Shih Tsu.

But the show's hysterical. I identify completely with the nutty owners. :) Carol