Area rugs

Monday, July 14, 2008


Audio cabinet is almost assembled. I'm not putting the door on until my neighbor returns from vacation because...I can't figure out how to re-hook the electronics to the TV. I was soooo careful to tape color post-it's to most of the cords, but I didn't get all of them apparently. Cords may be like rabbits...multiplying when one isn't looking.

But now I'm pondering the mystery of area rugs. A friend said the room needed one to anchor the furniture, but I don't know anything about the rule of thumb of dimensions. Should it big enough that the furniture rests on the edges? Leave a clear space?

It's not anything I've paid attention to on HGTV before so now, unless someone knows here, I'm going to have start catching more shows.

I also hung my Italy photos on one wall. Here's anothe makeover Murphy's law: no matter how carefully you measure, the stupid pictures still move off-kilter after I hammered in the nail. Now I have to do a bit of touch-up paint.

But I love the room!!!! :) Carol