Birds are for the dogs

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Maddie here. Carol's all excited. Can you imagine this? She's leaving ME to take a foliage trip to Vermont in October along with a bunch of attorneys. Then she learned that the hotel they'll be staying at offers a falconry class, and she will get to work with birds and dogs. I had to remind her that she already has a top-notch bird dog...ME. When we visited her sister and BIL this past Xmas in Montgomery, AL, we went to a beautiful park where they had geese and ducks. I got to chase my first flock of birds and could the humans keep up with me? Heck no. I showed them speed. Check out the photo below. Carol isn't going to find any better bird dog than me. Maddie


Nancy J. Cohen said...

You're going to view the foliage up north? I'm jealous! It's been so long since I've seen the leaves turn color, smelled the earthen scent, and crunched the dead leaves underfoot.
Take some good pictures!

Carol Stephenson said...

I'm with you, Nancy. I love visiting places like Vermont in October. And yes, I will have my trusty camera in hand. :) Carol