Hollywood Land

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I had ambivalent feelings after seeing 'Hollywoodland'. I thought Adrien Brody and Diane Lane were both terrific. However, the director slanted the evidence/rumors toward his conclusion [or at least suggested conclusion] that George Reeves committed suicide. I'm sorry, but I can't get past the fact that the ex-fiance and her friends waited 45 MINUTES after the gunshot to call the police. Hello. Let me think what these people could have been doing for 45 MINUTES. Trying to revive the former Superman? Nope. How about getting their story put together? Yep. My money's on the ex-fiance as the guilty one. Then the director make a big point of saint cards being found in the actor's bedroom but never offered up his own theory. When a movie wastes precious screen time on information, you expect at least a hypothesis. Because there was a slant, I couldn't tell how true the implication was that the kids' idolation didn't matter to George. I hope that's not true. I was one of those kids glued to the TV to watch every episode of Superman. George's TV Superman was one of my earliest heroes, and I hope if in life because of his depression and issues George took no pride/comfort in all the children's idolation that he can now. Whatever went wrong or never went right with his life, every week for several years, George Reeves was Superman and brought me thrills and wonderment. Carol


Toni Lea Andrews said...

I want to see this movie. I think Ben Afleck is a good actor, but I'm CRAZY about Adrian Brody. In fact, he may be on my list.

If you have a chance, stop by my list and do your "List of Five." I'll bet you have interesting choices...