Sick, sick, sick

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tonight's news had the gruesome story of 3 teens breaking into an elderly woman's home, trashing it and then putting her kitten into the oven and burning it to death. What was this poor woman's offense against these teens? She told them to stay off her property. Thank God a neighbor saw them leaving the house. The boys were captured and are in jail. 3 Jeffrey Daumers in the making. If they can do such a heinous act against a helpless kitten, what next? What if the woman had come home while they were still inside the house? After having taken that first step of killing, what would they had done to her? Sick, sick, sick. And how could there be redemption for someone that inhumane? If I were on the jury, my vote would be to first stick the lot of them in a hologram giving them the sensation of being inside a heated oven and then throw them in a jail cell and lose the key. Sorry, but I have neither sympathy nor hope for someone so evil. Sigh, Carol holding her own cats tight tonight


Karmela said...

THat is indeed such a heinous crime. Many people would say, "but it was just a cat!" But we all know that cruelty to animals is but a precursor to cruelty to people. What do our moms tell us about boyfriends who beat up dogs, right?