United States Dance Sport Championships

Monday, September 11, 2006

I got to watch the USDS Championships held in Hollywood, FL this past Saturday. My group was fortunate to have a ringside table. Talk about up close. You could really appreciate the footwork. The events that night were the finals in Mambo [pro], Latin [both amateur and pro] and Smooth [both amateur and pro]. I never saw so many sequins and rhinestones in one room at the same time! It's physically demanding. The dancers went through 3 rounds of eliminations, performing 4-5 dances each round. Judges included Mary from So You Think You Can Dance and from that same show in the audience was choreographer Shane. The people watching was phenomenal. I had a great time and the evening was a perfect warm-up for Dancing with the Celebrities' new season. :) Carol


Toni Lea Andrews said...

I had no idea you were a ballroom dancing fan? Do you dance yourself? I have always wanted to learn and have taken the odd lesson here and there, but have never buckled down--I vow to join a studio when I move to Connecticut next spring. Heather Graham's son was giving lessons at the New Orleans event last week and he was great.

Carol Stephenson said...

Not me, Toni. A friend of mine has competed and takes lessons. I just like to watch. As a kid, I did have dreams of being a Broadway dancer and took ballet and tap from age 4 to 12. However, my flat feet prevented me to progressing to toe. Since my instructor was the only one in town and she didn't believe a person could advance without doing toe, I had to stop. While it turned out to be the right path for me, I still love dance. :) Carol