The Marvels of Modern Radar

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fortunately, it's looking like Ernesto is just a rainmaker. Even as I write, the first bands are moving over my area of South Florida. My feet ache and I'm exhausted from waiting in lines and preparing the house, but I'm relieved we dodged a bullet. With many roofs still wearing blue tarps, we needed a break from hurricanes. But how wonderful it is to click on my local station's website and watch the radar. I can see not only the intensity of the weather but how the size. Instead of wondering if the current stretch of bad weather is never going to end, you know that in another 10-15 minutes, it will pass. Great for determining best chances to take the dog out safely. Here, check it out. :) Carol


Karmela said...

Carol, I know you like where you live, but MAN! Every time you give us a weather report forecasting another storm/hurricane, my gut just clenches for you. I was so worried about you and am so happy that Ernesto is just watering your lawn instead of dousing it. You take care now, y'hear? Cause I want that entire "Courting" series written somehow!

Carol Stephenson said...

Thanks for worrying, Karmela! I have to admit, I'm searching for an area to retire to where...there's no earthquakes, hurricanes, loads of tornados, minimal fires, flooding and blizzards...hard to find a region of USA that isn't impacted by a natural disaster of some sort. :) Carol