Madonna Key Cover #5 is up

Friday, August 25, 2006

The cover of Hidden Sanctuary, Madonna Key #5, is up on Barnes and Noble and continues the look that appeared on Dark Revelations and my book, SHADOW LINES. This time the 'magic' or light comes from the necklace the heroine is wearing. Wow, only two more covers to undergo the big reveal. Reviews so far have been terrific for SHADOW LINES, and I'm holding my breath for the remaining ones to come. I had a scare about my eye today [bleeding], but my optometrist assured me the eye was okay. However, I figure it's a warning sign to not push myself like I do and plan to rest it over the weekend. Hard for me to do, since I'll work on the laptop while watching TV...or read a book while watching get the picture. I will work on the new book for Silhouette Romantic Suspense that I've begun since my old line is no more. As always, I'm excited to discover this new group of characters. Happy weekend! :) Carol