Ernesto, a non-event

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Maddie here. Although I huddle close to Carol last night when the wind would howl [had to make sure she was okay, you know], Ernesto turned out to be only gusts of wind and bands of rain. Carol's so industrious that she already has taken down the shutters and set the yard to rights. However, Carol can't figure out why some people are soooo mad at the weather service for Ernesto turning into a dud. Did they want the storm to be a bad one causing property damage and power outages? Both Carol and I are relieved that Ernesto packed no punch and we have power. Carol can continue microwaving my doggie food to take off the refrigerate chill that I don't like. [Shih Tsu's are fussy about these type of things, such as cold food]. Uh oh, Carol's heading to the kitchen to make dinner for us. Later, Maddie