Countdown to Cindy Dees Workshop

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'm so psyched. Today I mailed off my check for Florida Romance Writers' Super Saturday. It will be an all day workshop on 9/16/06 put on by none other than my fellow Madonna Key cohort Cindy Dees. The stories she tells of her service in the Air Force are alone worth the price of attending her workshop, but she's such a fabulous writer. If anyone is interested in attending, the application and information can be found under the tab 'workshops' at the chapter's website: Below is the MK group shot from RT in Daytona Beach. Cindy's on the left along with Lorna Tedder, myself and Evelyn Vaughn. :)Carol


Karmela said...

I love this Bombshell photo!

Carol Stephenson said...

RT was a lot of fun, Karmela!!!!

:) Carol