Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A friend recommended the series of thrillers by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child so I read the Cabinet of Curiosities. Boy, was it heart-pounding and I was intrigued by the character special FBI agent Pendergast. I learned that this book was actually the 3rd Pendergast book, which caused me to buy Pendergast #1, Relic. I had no idea that the movie was based on this book, and I'm glad I didn't. Although there is a 'horror' component, first and foremost is the grab-by-the-throat action penned by these authors. I had to wait nearly a week until tonight when I had enough time to finish the last 100 pages in one sitting. I did not want to finish the last stretch in bits and pieces. I also enjoyed the paranormal aspects.

When the movie came out, I avoided it because I'm not a horror fan [the Mummy movies are about as 'horror' as I care to get]. However, since I did love the book, I checked out the cast credits and was disappointed that key characters didn't make it to the movie, let alone Pendergast. But as I read the reviews, I think I'm grateful that his character didn't make it. He's a modern Sherlock Holmes, and without the right treatment, would be ruined.

So here's hoping someday the right producers come along who can do Pendergast justice. In the meantime, I'm on to Pendergast book #2.

:) Carol