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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I don't do resolutions...I always viewed the concept as having a negative connotation. I'm more of a goal setter. First goal of the year was met today when I packed away all the Xmas decorations in the living room after watching the Rose Parade.

In my youth, my folks and I would watch the parade, have an early dinner and then watch football games for the rest of the day. Granted, Ohio's winter weather helped to determine the day's events, but there were so many great games. Now all the bowl names have changed and are spread out. I didn't even know that my alma mater Vandy played Wednesday. I'm thrilled that the Commodores won, but I would have loved to seen a wee bit of the game. Fortunately, I learned Cincinnati is playing tonight [my law school] so I'll catch a little of the game. Then Ohio State [team I grew up watching because I was born in Columbus] is playing Monday.

Of course, I'll take a break from college football to watch pro on Sunday as the Dolphins are in their first play-off game since something like 2001. I'm thrilled that Chad Pennington got the NFL come-back player of the year, and I'll be cheering for him to get player of the year. He so deserves it.

Below is the front photo from my 2009 calendar; I got rave reviews from all my friends. Now to enjoy the Stephenson tradition of spareribs and sauerkraut.

:) Carol