A bird in the Super Bowl

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One team in the Super Bowl will be a 'bird' and possibly 2 birds. Unbelievable. I think every NFL team named after a bird is in the final play-offs: Eagles, Ravens, and Cardinals. Steelers are the sole odd ball in name this year. I can hardly wait to hear the sports casters have a field day with this development this coming weekend.

Happiness is AI. I didn't bring any day work home and only spent the commercials trying to finish up packing away the last of Xmas decorations. Man, the contestants are so young this year...so many 16-17-year-olds. I can't remember all the names of those I liked, but the girls 'Stevie' and Ariana stood out, and I enjoyed Deanna's singing and her personality. For the guys, I enjoyed the construction worker and the last guy they had on tonight. Of course, they didn't show everyone who made it through the Phoenix auditions so there's always the mystery. However, in the past seasons, the one who becomes 'Idol' normally is one of the seen auditions. I wasn't blown away by anyone in particular, but very interesting. :) Carol