Town of Sonoma

Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm all hunkered down for Tropical Storm Fay. Another hurricane-tropical storm factoid: just because you're not in the center doesn't mean you don't get wind and rain. Fay's feeder bands are flowing far out to the east so they're sweeping along the east side of Florida even as the center heads up the west side.

Since I had shuttered up the back side of the house when I went to San Fran [in case a storm developed while I was gone], all I had to do today when I got home was throw the shutters across 4 windows. Yesterday I hauled out the generator for a test run and bought a second day's worth of gasoline. Although the power company supposedly has done a lot to strengthen the infrastructure since Hurricane Wilma, they have not been in my it may not take much more than a puff for us to lose power.

The tricky part will be timing the storm bands to take Maddie out.

Now on to better times. My friend and I spent a day going up the Sonoma Valley into Russian River Valley. We first stopped for breakfast in a bakery shop on the main square of the town of Sonoma. First shot is simply down one of the streets. Imagine having that view. At the theatre they were having summer camp for kids, which was a great idea. Also on the square is the last built Franciscan monastery and then an old soliders' barracks. I wish we could have more time to wander around the town, but we had to head up to Glen Ellen and Benziger's Vineyards.
:) Carol