Sterling Vineyards

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First, a big shout out to the US Men's Gymnastic guys rocked in the team competition!!!!!!!!! They showed tremendous resolve under difficult circumstances. We're all proud of you.

Now...following the balloon ride, my friend and I headed to the Sterling Vineyards. What a vision as you wind along the road: a Greek-style white stucco building against the green trees and deep blue sky. However, to get to their facility, you have to ride a tram up the hill/mountain side. Absolutely stunning vistas! The tour is self-guided with videos running in strategic places to explain the wine making process. Then there's one wine tasting on a patio looking out the south side of the valley [please note the artsy photo of wine glasses on the table] and then a final wine tasting on another patio facing the north. For romance enthusiasts, the last shot is of Danielle Steele's Napa Valley retreat, according to the staff member who served us.

At Sterling I discovered a white wine new to me: Vignonier wine. Lovely! :) Carol