Thursday, August 14, 2008

If my memory serves me right, the Rubicon Vineyard used to be Inglenook. For a peirod of time, Francis Coppola owned it. My friend told me there used to be quite a display of movie memorabilia; there's still some but more limited. The 'magic lantern' collection is fascinating.

The guest register on display had some famous names. Note Clark Gable and Jean Harlow's signatures; Jean had a good sense of humor, noting herself as 'platinum blonde'.

Rubicon was one of the more expensive wine tastings; we arrived toward the closing time so we went through the displays before heading down to the wine tasting. :) Carol


Toni Lea Andrews said...

Hey, there, panster--here's a free tool you might like. It has more of a sketch feel and I think it's a good approach for someone who likes to be non linear!

Plus, the colors are pretty...

Carol Stephenson said...

LOL!!!! The diagrams do resemble some of my earlier book 'sketches'.

Toni started up the ancient argument of pansters v. outliners on her blog,
I've taken up the position for pansters. What Toni doesn't realize is I never have a problem with writer's block. Since I am a non-linear writer, whenever I hit a point where I can't see a scene, I skip to one that is burning in my head and later on link it up. :) Carol