Those little white lies in instructions

Monday, November 12, 2007

I love all the lies they tell in instructions...or constructions as my nephew called them when he was young. I bought 3 Roman shades last weekend for the long window in the family room. One shade per window section, meaning a total of six brackets, 18 screws to install. The instructions said it would take 15 minutes to install one shade.

Ha! I spent nearly 3 hours getting the suckers hung. First there are those cryptic diagrams now used in place of actual written directions..if you can figure out the squiggles and arrows. Lining up the drilled holes for the screws drove me nuts [and yes, I used a pencil to mark the holes]. The drill bit would skid on the concrete sill, throwing the holes off.

But the shades are up and look least I think so. Despite the instructions. :) Carol