Another glitch in the family room makeover

Monday, November 19, 2007

Murphy's law in home improvement projects: they always take longer than one figures.

Case in point. This weekend I finished sanding all the areas where the paint tape took off the paint and applied the primer. But late Saturday I spotted a corner of the carpet sticking up so I decided to pull up a bit to see what I would be dealing with. My original plan was to use the upcoming 4-day weekend to rip up the carpet and lay down the tile.

Well, when I lifted the carpet I found another carpet underneath. Yep, the people just put the current carpet over another. I don't even want to think about the accumulated dirt and mold. This means I will have to tear up 2 carpets. The one bright note is that it appears the bottom carpet was rubber they may have used it in place of a pad. The rubber's disintegrated but when I scraped away some of the rubber muck, it looked like no mastic was used over the concrete [this room used to be the garage]. Scraping off rubber is a heck of a lot easier then dealing with carpet glue. But room makeover isn't going to be finished by next weekend like I was hoping. Probably looking at another 2-3 weekends of work. Sigh, Carol